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Are you ready to rediscover your voice?

We tend to believe that having stability in the external parts of lives like our career, our homes, and our relationships are the keys to happiness. Have you ever felt that you've had all of that and it just wasn't good enough? Have you ever felt like you were missing something and maybe even felt guilty for wanting more when you were surrounded by so many blessings? 

None of those things matter if the ultimate relationship between us and ourselves is toxic. This is why I feel called to help folks find alignment within themselves by helping them face their truest, most authentic selves, and learn to love that person through self-reflection and self-compassion. 

I'm finally ready to fully step into and embody my power and reclaim my medicine in vocal empowerment. For almost 10 years I have helped birthing folks find their voice and use it to advocate for themselves in tense situations. My work is pivoting slightly as I help people of color find their inner voice and build solid relationships with themselves to ignite that glow that comes with self-love and vital self-compassion.

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