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We tend to believe that having stability in the external parts of lives like our career, our homes, and our relationships are the keys to happiness. Have you ever felt that you've had all of that and it just wasn't good enough? Have you ever felt like you were missing something and maybe even felt guilty for wanting more when you were surrounded by so many blessings? 
None of those things matter if the ultimate relationship between us and ourselves is toxic. This is why I feel called to help folks find alignment within themselves by helping them face and embrace their truest, most authentic selves, and learn to love that person through self-reflection and self-compassion. 

For almost 10 years I have helped birthing folks find their voice and use it to advocate for themselves in tense situations. As a Vocal Empowerment Guide I help people of color find their inner voice and build solid relationships with themselves to ignite that glow that comes with self-love and vital self-compassion.

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The eworkbook titled Glow Up!: Voice Journaling for Self-Compassion shares parts of my personal story that led me to become a vocal liberation guide and develop my signature voice journaling practice which is outlined in the workbook for readers to integrate into their own self-care practice. Written to support a wide range of learning and implementation styles I've detailed the importance of learning to be compassionate toward ourselves, and as a result, with others in our lives in order to facilitate healing. This eworkbook is perfect for anyone who is looking for an accessible tool for unlearning toxic thoughts and behaviors, and embracing one's highest self.

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Micaela “Mickey” McHenry

I was inspired to work with you because since I began following your Instagram your videos, and especially your singing videos on Instagram have always captivated me. You seem so confident and so loving that I wanted to learn how I could be that way for myself, too! My relationship with my voice was definitely one that needed some work. My voice wasn’t always matching up with how I was feeling inside because my voice would always be trying to people please while my inner monologue was saying “please put yourself first for a change.” I felt weak and like I couldn’t use my voice for fear of hurting or disappointing others. I stayed working a second job for the past 8 months although financially I no longer needed to mostly because I was afraid to use my voice to quit. This challenge actually finally gave me the courage to, and is allowing me to talk to myself and about myself more compassionately. I would encourage literally everybody to work with Danellia because we all could use reminders on how to talk to ourselves, motivate ourselves and create that time for ourselves.

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