A podcast exploring the multiple dimensions of people of color and all the ways we embody our gifts in the world.



Introduction Episode

In this introductory episode Danellia introduces herself briefly and talks about why she has created this podcast and what it will be about.



Our Origin Stories w/ Corrine Arechiga

This episode is dedicated to Ronnie Aragon Jr. and Lucille Lopez.

Our theme this month is REBIRTH. In this episode Danellia chats with her mother Corrine as they explore their origin stories, upbringing, ways that they have gone through their own rebirths, and how their childhood impact their own parenting journeys. This episode is #intergenerationalhealing in action! Medicine for the soul! 

Listen through to the end of the episode for a sneak peak of our unreleased song Mother written by Danellia and her daughter Corrie and performed by The Corner House



The Ceremony of Birth w/ Karissa Raya

Have you ever wondered what happens when a doula is doula'd by another doula? 

It's pure magic!

In this episode Danellia sips on some mezcal with her comadre, co-creator, and doula Karissa Raya from @olivelavida. Karissa and Danellia discuss their relationship, Danellia's surrogacy birth, and the ceremony of it all. From playing the delay game with hospital staff to spiritual connections in past lives and transcending time and space while pushing, Danellia and Karissa get into details of the birth that reflect the depths of the birth experience and how doulas can help protect the sacredness of birth even in a hospital birth situation.

Read Danellia's Surrogacy Birth Story referenced in this episode

Connect with Karissa!

Online at

On IG @olivelavida and @karissamraya  



Rebirth w/ Danellia + Corrie

Have you been reborn in this lifetime?

In this episode, Danellia talks about the theme of the month, REBIRTH and what it means to her. She shares how she has experienced rebirth at different times in her life which led her into her work helping people of color return home to themselves through vocal empowerment, birth education, and intergenerational healing.  Danellia also welcomes her daughter Corrie onto the podcast to share more about their relationship. 

Learn more about Danellia's Signature Voice Journaling Practice here. 

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