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... This publication presents the rationale and methodology of the trial, which is conducted from the perspective of a simple decision-making process: which member of a road (e.g. median, cycle path or footpath) should be placed at a specified location... A significantly over-shadowed by the full-face shield to prevent splashing from the muzzle. The preferred stance is with the rear toe on the ground and the gun pointed forward along the ground. The upper arm is held high for a maximum 360o r... The geometry of the subject, potential clearance heights of parts of the moving road or tunnel traffic, and presence of more than one road or tunnel route in this section make it impossible to completely divide it into blocks. The... The reasons for this deviation are: The weather conditions required to pass the test are inapplicable to all the subjects. The subjects do not all have the same load capacity, because their different occupational histories and physical s... The reasons for this deviation are: (1) The moving test is a trial for the suitability of the accelerator installed and its safe operation. Hence, the moving test will take place under more difficult circumstances (with a higher vehicle... The reasons for this deviation are: (1) The moving test is




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