A podcast exploring the multiple dimensions of people of color and all the ways we embody our gifts in the world.



Becoming a Better Parent by Honoring Our Inner Child with Cynthia Perez

In this episode, I welcome Cynthia Perez, a first generation Chicana therapist based in Los Angeles, CA. Cynthia is a mother of 3, an author, and a clinical supervisor for LCSWs in a clinic setting. In 2021, After realizing she had workplace burnout, Cynthia left healthcare to start her private practice, Rooted in Reflection, LLC. Cynthia created 4 virtual groups in the Covid-19 Pandemic to address the real time need for collective healing. From Storytelling Workshops, Shame Resiliency Trainings, to a 10-hour workshop on Reparenting, Cynthia has been honored to create spaces that she has only dreamed of holding and people showing up every week!



Overcoming Biphobia and Other Bisexuality Myths and Misconceptions with Cindy Luquin

In this episode, I welcome Cindy Luquin (she/they), is a Certified Bilingual Sexual Health Expert and Founder of Howl at the Womb here to school people with the language and tools to have healthy conversations about sex(uality), pleasure and gender.



Healing Your Core Wounds by Being Present with Dr. Michael Martinez

In this episode, I welcome clinical psychologist Michael Martinez. Dr. Michael Martinez is a gay Latinx father of three and psychologist. He earned his Doctor of Clinical Psychology degree with a focus on Community Psychology at the University of La Verne. His graduate program helped him view his clients as a product of their environment and how their environment contributes to their mental health. Michael has dedicated his academic and professional career to work with many types of minority groups (LGBTQ*, Latinx, Asian Americans, African Americans, economically disadvantaged people, and unhoused people). Ultimately, Michael views his clients as their own experts and is dedicated to helping his clients find balance, control and a voice in their everyday lives.